Alphabet Lore

Alphabet Lore, also known as Alphabet: The Series is an animated web series and first season of the series of the same name created by Mike Salcedo, the series is based on the Latin alphabet. It was originally a one animation per day project for a whole month according to him. But due to its extreme popularity, it continued on.

A is the first letter of the alphabet. He was used to make the words “CAB”, “VAN”, “COWARD”, “MAP” and “fart”.

As a lowercase letter, A was used by F to make the word “fart” in order to prank and embarrass L. A also laughed with n and f when they made fart. A along with S, O ,and Y witnessed how F formed the word “frick” and caused all of the letters to turn on F.

Sometime before F’s attack, A grew up and became an adult.

In A, he introduces himself. In G, G calls A, B and C to form “CAB” to track down F. A was the cab driver. In H, they drive past F who is hiding behind H. In J, “CAB” waits for G as J gets annihilated by I’s cannonball shot by F. In K, “CAB” and G rush toward F beside I, J and K. F charges I’s cannonball, planning to annihilate at “CAB” and G to kill them for good. In L, M, N, O and P, “CAB” and G are mesmerized by The LMNOP Crew’s abilities. In R, A along with M and P, form the word “MAP” to find F’s location. When the letters head for F, A turns back into “CAB” to rush towards F. In T, they arrive, but F uses the “.” gem, to freeze G in place. In U, “MAP” deforms, as the letters prepare their attack on F. However, after F claims M’s gem, he sticks M and A together and flings them towards T, who was previously hammered into the ground. A also witnessed the last moments of C, shutting his eyes right as F shreds C, killing him. B also gets his wings bitten off, and F flies away with P. A is devastated and mourns B, C and P. In V, A realizes G shot P instead of F, shocking him along with all the letters, as they mourn P’s death. In W, A appears in N’s nightmare as they spell “COWARD”. When N wakes up, it appears they have formed “VAN”. A was the body of “VAN”. In X, “VAN” stops as Xmultiplies. In Y, they drive to F’s Cave, and deform, as V sprints away in fear. Along with G, M and U, A is swallowed by F’s manipulation goo. When F is killed by Super Ñ, A along with G, M and U are shocked by what just happened, and Q shows why F had gone the path he did. In Now I Know My ABCs, everyone including A feels empathy for F, as they realized he really wasn’t evil, before Z reversed time to make up for the loss of all the letters.

  • “GUN”, “FRIENDS/friends”, and “frick” are the only words not to use A.
  • It is presumed he is close friends with B and C.
  • Him, along with B, G, M, N, P, Q, and T all witnessed C’s death.
  • Him, along with G, M, N, Q, U, and V all witnessed P’s death.
  • A appears third most often in the episodes, only being beaten by F and Z.
  • When L saves his and B, C, and G’s lives, A is seen with a anime-esque facial expression.
  • A has an unused prototype design, that has some differences from his current design; his mouth is smaller and of a different shape, and he isn’t colored in. Early beta designs can also be found when subscribing to Mike Salcedo’s Patreon.
    This might’ve been scrapped because Z (the other ending letter) is also white.
  • This might’ve been scrapped because Z (the other ending letter) is also white.
  • A is capable of using his legs as arms as shown when driving as part of CAB and when he comforts B in T.
  • A’s lowercase body shows the printed form of “a”, as opposed to the handwritten form.

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A drops in and introduces himself by saying his catchphrase:

B flies in and introduces himself by saying his catchphrase:

C swims in and introduces himself by saying his catchphrase:

D rolls in and introduces himself to the viewers by saying his catchphrase:

(Beware! Spoilers begins here!)

After introducing himself, F suddenly comes out, introduces himself, and starts punching D with his head till D faints. After D faints, F grabs him using his mouth and runs away with D.

E jumps in and introduces himself to the viewers by saying his catchphrase:

but F comes holding D and then starts attacking E until he is beaten off-screen, and D is thrown, after F jitters very aggressively and runs off-screen.

It cuts to F’s cave, while creepy fantasy music plays. It slowly zooms in at F’s cave until it reaches the cave’s interior, after which D and E, in separate shots, are chained up to a wall. F appears as a shadow where E is chained, whispering his catchphrase.

After that, the screen turns white and then G introducing himself in morse code, before being trampled by F. (Which may be a Easter egg on how F (as lowercase) pushed G). After seeing F on the run, G calls A, B and C in morse code in an order that spells CAB, causing the three letters to turn into a Cab. G then enters the cab to chase F.

H fades in and introduces himself to the viewers by saying his catchphrase:

but F sprints in and hides in front of H to outmaneuver CAB and G on the chase, in which he does so successfully. After the four have passed, F inhales H and farts them out, killing them (once again).

F runs to the opposite direction of where he was running, then I introduces himself by saying his catchphrase:

Before getting cut off by F. F hops into the frame, making a parody of the beginning of a Pixar series, before stomping on I 15 times. Then the video begins with F stomping on I, before I gets tossed onto his head like a video game upgrade.

The video begins with F stomping on I, before I gets tossed onto his head like a video game upgrade. I fires an energy ray from his head, obliterating J into ashes, who was standing next to him. it begins by showing G looking for F with the CAB. The energy ray used to kill J happens from far away, getting the attention of G.

It begins by showing G looking for F with the CAB. The energy ray used to kill J happens from far away, getting the attention of G.After J was obliterated to ash, K lands next to J’s ashes. K was equipped by F like a video game upgrade, allowing F to fly. However, CAB and G got to F. F menacingly flies over CAB and G, charging up I’s energy cannon in an attempt to kill the four.

L introduces himself to the viewers by saying his catchphrase:

He then does a Sailor Moon Esc transformation, gaining hair, a . gem, and cheek bones and most importantly, a pair of buttocks. then L jumps in front of the energy beam, shooting it up to the sky with his shape. The worried expressions of the letters beneath him quickly turn to gratefulness.

The video begins with M introducing himself to the viewers. He then does a Sailor Moon-Esque transformation, gaining a , gem, hair, and muscles. He then punches K out of F, losing his ability to fly.

N introduces himself to the viewers while K flies away. He then does a Sailor Moon-Esque transformation, gaining muscles, a ; gem, and hair, introducing himself again in his super form. He becomes Ñ Then tries to reach I in an attempt to remove him from F, but he blows his hair, causing N to run away.

The video begins with O speeding like a wheel after N slides back, introducing himself to the viewers. F, exhausted from all the other transformation animations, sighs and O does his Transformation while F watches him and sits on I about halfway through. O appears to have a new mouth, muscles around his hole, and a : gem. O then slaps F, ending the video.

P flings into the frame, introducing herself to the viewers. P dashes in front of CAB and G. P glares at G, and in turn, G blushes at P, in which she does in response. P then does a Sailor Moon-Esque transformation, gaining muscles and a ! gem, and L, M, N, O & P assemble in their respective order. The wind blows while nothing happens in the LMNOP outro, and then the video ends.

Q slowly squirms and introduces himself to the viewers. N appears to have the ; gem missing, causing him to turn back to his normal form. M and O looks down upon N. At F’s cave, F chains I to the wall while F’s shadow with a yellow glow moves across. The ; gem appears behind F’s face before the screen turns black, marking the end of the video.

R introduces himself, but F’s shadow looms over him. N is looked down upon by L and O, and they both fly away. N falls in reject, but P stands up to N while she turns back to her normal form. P hits CAB twice, breaking the word. A, M and P assembles in an order that spells MAP, turning the three into a map, in which G uses to locate F and his next target, S. G, M, N and P enter CAB to get to F. Q squirms on ashes and says his catchphrase, and then ending the video.

T emerges from the ground and introduces himself, before F hammers him back into the ground.

G looks at a MAP to locate F. Then B and C were suddenly combined by the ; gem. F then takes G by surprise and freezes him with the . gem.

M, A and P unform the word “MAP” because it is no longer needed, M then transforms into his super form and tries to attack F but fails while also getting his gem stolen by him and F magnetizes M to the gem along with A and T. P then also transforms and attacks F at insane speed. She then tries to hit him using her power blast but F manages to slow her down using the , gem before she does so. F walks to the stopped G and tries to catch N who is hiding behind him, luckily C crawls to F and bites him while also distracting him, however that causes F to brutally kill C by tearing him apart, then F then picks up P and flies away with her. A kneels near B and C and comforts B whose back has been torn and mourns C who is dead. A appears to care a lot more than other letters showing that the letters were close. After that the scene cuts and zooms in to U looking somewhere, when G calls them they turn around saying their catchphrase, the camera zooms out a bit and the word “GUN” can be seen, the video then ends.

V says his catchphrase, and then immediately gets “attacked” by “F.” As seen in the previous episode, G, U, and N have formed a gun. G shoots “F,” but it turns out that it was actually P, who F took a bite out of P. G and the other letters are upset and feel bad for P, whom G glaring at P’s dead body. G vows to get revenge, while we zoom out to see F, who has ate the ! gem. He blows P’s skin like bubble gum, and then the video ends.

The video starts with W standing in some sort of void (it is actually N’s imagination) W introduces themselves, after that the letters O, A, C, R and D join W and form the word “COWARD” which then turns into N, implying that he is a coward, light appears and the letters C and P are revealed but they are heavily demaged and seem like they are about to die, a giant version of G then emerges from the ground preventing N from going to any of the letters, F’s shadow is seen in the light worrying N who is unable to do anything, N out of frustration hits G and he turns around, his face is then revealed (it could not be seen due to his size) and it appears to be F, N then wakes up in the van that has been formed off-screen and looks at G who is pointing at F’s cave, N then makes an angry face and drives to F’s cave along with M, U, A, V and G off-screen, Q slides to the screen slowly and shouts out his name (Kyoooo), the video then ends.

The episode starts with lowercase n fading into screen. r, i, e, d, and s (all lowercase) slide into screen and say their names. Finally, the camera zooms out, revealing f. He says “F”, before everyone starts dancing to the tune of the alphabet song. The camera zooms out further to reveal l and o staring at the group of letters, now spelling out “friends”, angrily; the reason for this is unknown. L and O stare at each other, and smirk, before agreeing on a plan. L gets inside O’s hole, and prepares to aim at N. O is released from L, and slingshots onto N, hurting him.

N sits on the ground, defeated, when F comes over to him and helps him get up. F glares at L and O, who are laughing. He grabs a, r, and t to spell out the word “fart”; this causes L to fart. Every letter begins to laugh at him, with h being so deterred by the smell, they die and laugh at l as a ghost. f and n roll on the floor, laughing, causing the fart to disappear. l and O look at each other in some sort of agreement, and proceed to beat up F; who cries out the . and : Gems in response. F is then pushed into the letters R, I, C, and K; O looks at this and alerts everyone, with the word F is spelling being revealed to be “FRICK”.

All the letters (except N; not counting G, P, and Q, as they weren’t present) glare at F and start beating him up; in which F cries the , and * Gems. F trips over N, and lies on the floor, wounded. He looks at N, who hides behind L, M, and O. F cries the ? and ; Gems before becoming angry and running away, running into G in the process, crying out the ! Gem. The Gems all rise to their respective owners (L, M, N, O, P, and X) before the ? Gem flies to Q. Q eats the ? gem, and immediately sees the future. Q was distraught by this, and tries to warn the others; however, he is too slow to catch up to them.

The episode ends with F walking up his cave dejectedly, and looking onto the crowd of letters walking away, N who was looking at F’s cave turns around with a frowning face. F turns from lowercase to uppercase, signaling the time change.

After Q showed M, N, U, A, G and Y what happened in their childhood and how F became the killer he was today, they look back at F, reflecting on their actions. Z’s ellipsis start rotating, forming some sort of “ring”. When the circle reached F’s cave, Q closes his eyes and throws the question mark at N.

Changing the past where F tripped down, n backs up to l, m and o. Thinking about the damage l and o done to them, seeing coward in lowercase n decides to stand up for himself, he sees G from his nightmare and successfully gets through this time. l & o glares at n with lowered eyelids, they raise their eyelids as N approaches F. As they were about to meet again, L and O pushes them to each over, Making F & N glare at each over in not sadness but rather joy. After they were pushed, f cried the semicolon while n cries the question mark forming an ampersand before going back to them. They dash to f’s cave when f unintentionally pushes g down. n goes to p, thanking her for all the support she can provide for him when they are uppercase crying the exclamation mark, p then kissed n very quickly.

n dashes back to f with them entering the Cave. Once they reached the mouth of the Cave, they look to the camera and smile. The episode then ends off with z as a (canon) lowercase letter, appreciating on n and f reunited. z then closes his eyes, ending the episode and the first season of the franchise.

Next Time Won’t You Sing With Me?

At the last 16 seconds, A flying calculator ship is shown arrive to Planet Z then trying to find X. Then 1 gets revealed and Number Lore is confirmed.

  • Even though there are 26 letters in the show, there are technically 27/26.5 characters, as W is a set of conjoined twins.
  • As said on Mike Salcedo’s patreon, he wishes to do shorts of this show, and says the characters speak with emotion and not words.

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