Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

New to Rainbow Friends on Roblox? Here are some quick tips to get you playing like a pro.

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Roblox is a trendy game with various games for you to enjoy. One such game is Roblox Rainbow Friends. Thanks to its unique and fun gameplay, it has gained much traction since its release.

However, since the game is gaining new players every day, chances are that you are also a new player.

In that case, this article with show you the Roblox Rainbow Friends beginner gameplay and starter guide.

Rainbow Friends has multiple monsters that you have to look out for. On top of that, you have to roam around the map to solve various puzzles and win the game.

There are multiple endings in the game, and the end depends on how you play the game.

If you want to know how many monsters there are and how each of the monsters works, continue reading to find out.

We’ll also show you some beginner tips that will assist you in surviving and winning the game, alongside a few steps that will help you get a good ending.

Avoiding the Monsters

First, let’s talk about what type of monsters you will face in the game and how they work.

As aforementioned, there are multiple monsters in the game – four to be exact, and each of them has its purpose.

Therefore, to beat the game, you must understand how each of them works to avoid them accordingly.

You will come across the Blue, Orange, Green, and Purple monsters during your journey.

Each of them has a unique ability and weaknesses that are unique to them.

If you want a detailed guide about all of the monsters, check out our Rainbow Friends all monsters guide.

How to Win and General Tips

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

You must survive five nights to win the game and complete various objectives.

The next night, you need to collect 15 food packs and place them in the dispenser.

Again, the Green Monster will be awake, so watch out for him. This night is the same as the previous one, so explore the map and collect the food packs.

On the third night, you need to collect 15 fuses. Now, the Orange Monster will awaken and actively hunt you. Avoid his trail, and you will be good to go.

On top of that, the Purple Monster will also be active during this time. As a result, you will notice various puddles in front of vents across the map.

Before crossing the puddles, look into the vents to see if the monster is there or not. If the monster is there, do not cross the area, or he will grab you.

Finally, you need to collect nine batteries on the last night. However, once you do that, you’ll notice that you must survive one more night.

Plus, it will be pretty dark this night since there is no power, so make sure to walk around carefully.

On the “last” night, you need to solve the small puzzles the host gives you and escape the building.

This shouldn’t be difficult because it is primarily a chase sequence where you have to run in a vent from the Blue Monster.

As soon as you exit through the door, a cutscene will play, and you will win the game.

How To Win Roblox Rainbow Friends Fast

Maintain a low, sneaky posture throughout the game and use the monsters’ weaknesses against them.

Do not be afraid to run around the map to find all of the required things.

Since all of the items you need to collect are randomly spread across the map, you need to work with your team to locate and collect them.

Remember that you can carry multiple items, so make sure to pick up whatever you find.

Also, use your box well since it can help you avoid the Blue and Orange monsters.

However, please do not step on the Orange Monsters line with your box because he will catch you!

All Characters & Monsters in Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

There are a total of 5 characters in Rainbow Friends, they are:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple

Here is how you can escape and survive each of them:


Let us start with the harmless monster. Red is a giant character that has big eyes and a red head that wears a lab coat. Since it is harmless you don’t have to worry about escaping it.


Blue is the first monster in Rainbow friends that you will encounter. It has a humanoid shape a button for an eye, a drool in its mouth, and it also wears a crown. Blue is slower than the player so you should run away from it and find a hiding spot if you hear the sound of Blue chasing you. You can also use your box to hide but make sure it doesn’t spot you while boxing.


Green is a tall enemy with googly eyes. It is blind so it won’t matter if you come in front of it. But what you need to be sure of, is to not make contact with it. Once you touch green it is an instant game over.

In order to escape it make sure you hear for any squeaking sound. Also, don’t rush into rooms rather listen for a sound before as it can be camping. Green has the same speed as the player.


Orange is the most aggressive monster on this list. It has the appearance of a small lizard-like raptor. Look out for the orange line and sirens, these both indicate its attack. The siren suggests that it is approaching while the line shows its path. Once you get both these signals you should hide, and hide anywhere except on the line.

In order to survive it, box up as soon as you hear the siren and get out of its line of travel. Orange is faster than the player so if it spots the player it will hunt them quickly.


You can find Purple inside vents. Purple can only be seen having eyes and hands because so far its body structure isn’t shown. It always spawns in vents so in order to dodge it, don’t cross the vents.

That covers this guide on the list of all monsters in Rainbow friends and how to survive these characters. Don’t forget to also check out how to get gems in Rainbow Friends.

In this guide we break down each of the colorful monsters you need to avoid in Rainbow Friends Roblox.

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Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

There are a total of 4 monsters that you must avoid in Rainbow Friends chapter 1.

This article will cover basic information on each Rainbow Friend, how they work & the best way to avoid each one.

Blue Monster

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

The Blue Monster is the first monster you will encounter in Rainbow Friends. He is also the main character shown in the official game art.

His movement speed is pretty fast & he can be hard to run away from if you get cornered by him. He has regular-sounding footsteps.

The best way to avoid Blue is to use your box the second you see him. If you use your box too late, he will still lock on to you & kill you even if you are covered.

Don’t try to hide behind him either because he can also detect you even if he isn’t looking at you.

Green Monster

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

The Green Monster is probably one of the easier monsters to avoid in Rainbow Friends and is the second monster that joins the hunt when playing the game.

However, if you touch green or he runs into you, you will die & get a jumpscare, even if hiding in a box.

His footsteps are squeaky.

Orange Monster

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

The Orange lizard monster that lives in the orange-colored cave is the 3rd monster introduced to the map.

If you are close to or touching the line, he will see & catch you. He will run past you if you use the box near the line but not on it.

Orange will kill you if he sees you while running around the map. So make sure you stay away from his path & footsteps to stay safe.

You can feed orange using the food dispenser in his den. Click the red lever to fill his bowl with food. Eating keeps him busy for a short while.

Purple Monster

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Purple is one of the creepiest monsters to avoid, but it’s not that hard. He hides in vents & will pull you in using his long arms if you aren’t paying attention.

Boxing does not work at all when avoiding Purple. If you see a puddle of water on the floor & also see Purple in the vent, don’t step on the water, or he’ll get you.

If he isn’t in the vent, you can walk/step on the water without a problem.

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Every Monster in Roblox Rainbow Friends

There are four different monsters to encounter in Roblox Rainbow Friends, each with its own colour: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple. Players must complete objectives while trying to avoid the monsters and their jump-scares, or else they will be killed! Here are all the monsters in Roblox Rainbow Friends:

Blue is the monster you will see on the game’s loading screen art, and is the first you will come across. He is a big button-eyed, drooling monster who moves quickly so listen out for his footsteps! His footsteps sound like normal footsteps you or I may have but he is certainly not normal. He is tricky to avoid and can detect you even when he is not looking at you, so try not to get rushed into a corner or you may not come out alive. Don’t use your box too late or he will focus on you and catch you up!

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Blue Monster (via Roblox Rainbow Friends)

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Green Monster (via Roblox Rainbow Friends)

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Orange Monster (via Roblox Rainbow Friends)

Purple is the last monster in this game and is not too hard to avoid. The way to spot him is to look in the vents. He leaves a puddle of water under a vent when he has been in it, but if you see a puddle and he is not in the vent then it is safe to walk over the puddle. If he is in the vent do not walk over the puddle! If you do he will grab you and pull you in. Getting in your box will not help you avoid purple monster at all.

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Purple Monster (via Roblox Rainbow Friends)

That is everything we know about the 4 monsters currently in Roblox Rainbow Friends right now! We hope this guide has helped you survive as you play. Next, why not find out how to get the OOF sound back in Roblox?

Good luck and thank you for reading!

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Let’s find out about all of the Rainbow Friends in this Roblox experience!

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

As gamers make their way through the worst field trip in Rainbow Friends, fans of this popular Roblox experience are trying their hardest to find out who they’ll need to avoid within these walls. While the detour from Odd World may have landed players in hot water with these terrifying mascots, as long as players know who they’re dealing with, it may give them the best chance to avoid them.

While there may only be a few mascots to hide from within Rainbow Friends, finding the best ways to avoid them could be the key to a life-or-death situation. While players should work together, sometimes having the key to survival proves to be the most valuable thing. Let’s find out who is waiting for you in Rainbow Friends, and what players need to do to avoid meeting an early doom.

All Characters In Rainbow Friends – Roblox Horror Game

While gamers may have a few other students to help them through the tasks they need to complete, they’ll also need to keep their eyes peeled for these murderous mascots. With each night that passes, a new Friend is introduced into the game, giving gamers a reason to get scared.

Friend #1 – Blue Friend

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Blue is the first friend that players will encounter on their adventure through this abandoned theme park, and is the easiest to avoid altogether. While his stature may be quite intimidating, his general lack of speed gives players the perfect opportunity to escape without much of an issue. If players see Blue anywhere, turn around and book it the other way, or hide inside the box that you’ve been given.

Friend #2 – Green Friend

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

As the second-night starts, Green will begin roaming the halls. With their extra-long appendages, Green looks like they would be much more intimidating than they truly are. They are quite easy to avoid, due to their general lack of sight, but those that have come around a corner to see the tall and lanky Green hiding out there are bound for a fright. Much like Blue, jumping into the box or turning tail and running can help avoid a quick demise.

Friend #3 – Purple Friend

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

The Purple Friend doesn’t receive a proper introduction but is hinted at when Orange is shown off. Hiding out in vents, the Purple Friend will snag those that aren’t paying attention to their surroundings and drag them in for the ultimate judgment. The easiest way to avoid this particular monster is to keep an eye on the vents around you from the Third Night onward, as this is when they begin to spawn in the world.

Friend #4 – Orange Friend

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Much like Foxy from the popular Five Nights At Freddy’s, the Orange Friend is the fastest in the game and can be quite tricky to avoid. Thankfully, there is a trick that players can keep in mind to keep them at bay. Players can find Orange’s hideout and keep them fed, so Orange will stay within his area without hunting the player or their friends. However, if they escape, players will need to keep on their toes while watching out for this hungry Mascot.

Friend #5 – Red Friend

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

The only non-hostile Rainbow Friend, Red is the narrator of this story and also gives players plenty of hints throughout their adventure. While there seems to be a hint of his hostility at the end of the game, players will need to make their assumptions at the end of the day. Is Red going to be a big part of Chapter 2? We’ll just need to wait and see.

Now that players know everything they need to about the Rainbow Friends, make sure to pack a lunch before you get on the bus. It seems like this trip may end up in disaster unless players know how to avoid these horrifying monsters.

– This article was updated on January 20th, 2023

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Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Image via Roblox Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends, similar to its typical, non-Roblox comparison Five Nights at Freddy’s, invites players to join their class on a field trip to Odd World, an amusement park that may seem innocent from the outside, but hides some dark secrets beneath its colorful surface. Lurking around the Odd World facility are various monsters all with their own unique characteristics, physical attributes, and attack features that can be hard to keep track of. To help you survive all five nights with these monsters, we’ve created the detailed guide below.

Complete monster list and how to survive them

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Blue is the first monster that players will encounter in Rainbow Friends and serves as the main Odd World mascot. This monster is relatively slow and can be evaded pretty easily—when you hear his footsteps and distinct chuckling, equip your box to immediately to hide from him. If he spots you before you can box, you’ll need to run away as fast as possible and re-box as soon as you’re out of his line of sight. If Blue sees you box, a red exclamation point will appear to alert you that you’ve been spotted and are not safe from his attacks.

During the goodbye party that occurs on the final night, Blue is triggered by stepping on balloons, so be careful where you step!

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Similar to Figure in Doors, Green is a completely blind monster. Instead of using his sense of hearing to detect and attack players as Figure does, however, Green is completely oblivious to the world around him and makes no direct effort to chase or find players, making him pretty easy to avoid and escape. As Green walks, you will hear a squeak sound—if you’re in the vicinity of Green and begin to hear his footsteps, run away! Boxing in front of Green will not protect you—he’ll simply walk into your box and kill you instantly.

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

Rainbow Friends Roblox Beginner Guide & Walkthrough Tips

As mentioned above, Purple and Orange both appear in night three, though Purple is the monster that you’ll likely run into more often. This sneakily-silent monster hides in various vents around the map and patiently waits for players to walk in front him. If you see Purple in a vent, watch your step! Walking through the puddles of water in front of these vents while Purple is present will cause him to instantly grab you and pull you inside with him, killing you on contact. To avoid Purple, carefully walk along the path of footprints that separate the two water puddles—doing so should allow you to pass by unharmed.

These next two monsters, Pink and Yellow, are both inactive monsters and are not on the current Rainbow Friends roster. It’s rumored that they will be added to the experience when Chapter 2 is released.

That’s it for our guide on how to survive every monster in Rainbow Friends! Have you been able to escape the facility? Do you have any theories about the Rainbow Friends lore? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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