Rainbow Friends

The Rainbow Friends are all cartoony-type creatures that are represented by a specific color in the rainbow. Despite their appearance, they are hostile creatures that will kill players at a moment’s notice. The only exception to this is Red (which is still unknown if it’s a part of the rainbow friends), who seems to possess a higher level of intelligence than the other four and does not try to kill anybody. The Rainbow Friends used to be performers at the entertainment theater. The Rainbow Friend’s history is unknown.

Main page: Blue

Blue is the main antagonist the players encounter in Rainbow Friends. He appears starting from Night 1 and throughout the rest of the game. He is present every night in Chapter 1.

Blue is a big, tall monster wearing a yellow crown, with what is implied to be drool hanging from his mouth. Blue has a large eye on the right and a button eye on the left. In the game, he appears hunchbacked.

For the first four nights, Blue will be looking for the player, and he can open doors and go up or down ladders. Once he sees you, he will start running toward the location where he last saw you. To avoid being found, the player must deploy their crate. However, this won’t always work, as if Blue sees you enter a crate, he will first knock over the box, then kill you. If you’re lucky for the next 10 seconds, you can escape from him. It’s best to go to a safe area where he won’t be able to see you deploy the crate like behind the theatre curtains. This will stop Blue’s attack if you are seen entering a crate but quickly turning a corner. It is possible to overtake it because of his slow speed.

  • As the player is faster than Blue, it is easy to overtake him. Players can hide in a box or locker once the red mark disappears.
  • Blue is also easy to trick. You can also, come out from hiding inside the box and make sure he sees you and hide behind anything so he wouldn’t sense you.
  • If the player is close to a table, or hiding spot, you can hide under there quickly to avoid being caught by Blue. This works as well for the other Rainbow Friends.
  • Blue is the only monster wearing an accessory (in his case, a crown).
  • Blue makes loud groan-like sounds.
  • Blue sounds can be heard glitching, It is unsure if blue can be an machine or it may be an artificial voice box to produce these robotic like sounds.
  • It is revealed that Blue was friends with an unknown human before he went hostile (it is currently unknown what his friend’s name is or where they are).
  • Blue is the main Rainbow Friend as seen by all the cardboard cutouts and pictures of the game.
  • Blue has 35 different types of audio (footsteps, when the player is getting chased, and a distorted laugh).
  • Blue’s chase music at the end of the game features music called “Escape the Fate” by Salvador Casais.

Main page: Green

Green is the second monster the players encounter in Rainbow Friends. He appears as of Night 2 onwards until the end of Night 4.

Green is a tall, green monster with long, wavy arms bearing a resemblance to a skydancer, such as those found during car sales. Green has two googly eyes that roll around. He has sharp teeth and a long red tongue (most noticeable during his jumpscare or when standing still).

According to the gameplay and a piece of dialogue said by Red during Green’s cutscene, he is blind, hence why he mostly relies on his sense of touch in order to navigate his surroundings. When Green is close to a player, squeaking-like sounds will be heard. Occasionally, Green will stop and stay in an area for a while, using his arms to feel the ground. If a player comes in close contact with Green (using the arm closest to the ground), he will grab and instantly kill that player. Green is still able to find the player even when they are in a box.

In order to avoid Green, the best course of action is to run in the opposite direction or stay still and wait until he leaves, but it is also possible to run through the gap in between his arm and torso. Something recommended to try is waiting in the spawning area in a box and not holding anything while not moving at all.

  • If a player sees Green, then said player should try to stay away from him as far as possible.
    If the player is also being surrounded by Blue, and you’re in Green’s way, stick to a wall as much as possible. However; if the location that player is in is quite narrow, Green will most likely kill them.
  • If the player is also being surrounded by Blue, and you’re in Green’s way, stick to a wall as much as possible. However; if the location that player is in is quite narrow, Green will most likely kill them.
  • A player can walk past Green without a box, thought this strategy is very risky (considering the fact that Green constantly waves his arms, and can kill with the sense of touch).
  • Green is (so far) the only Rainbow Friend that is confirmed to have googly eyes.
  • Green’s idle animation has him stretching one of his arms out and moving it around the place where he is standing at.
    This is shown to acknowledge that he is using his arm to reach out for his surroundings.
  • This is shown to acknowledge that he is using his arm to reach out for his surroundings.
  • In some cases, even if a player decides to stay still and wait for Green to leave (if said player is in Green’s path), he will kill that player anyways.
  • He features some similar characteristics to a character called “Mommy Long Legs”, from an indie horror game called Poppy Playtime
  • Green usually camps places for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Green is currently the tallest Rainbow Friend.
  • Green and Blue are the only Rainbow Friends who have a jumpscare that doesn’t involve being eaten, although this is only from the POV (point of view) of someone else.

Main page: Orange

Orange is the third monster the player encounters in Rainbow Friends. He appears alongside Purple starting from Night 3 onwards until the party. Orange is present for half of the entire duration of Chapter 1 in the game and is very speedy.

Orange is an orange dinosaur-like monster with two bulging eyes and two rows of sharp teeth. When running, he makes a pitter-patter sound and walks on two legs with his arms out in front. He may also resemble a small reptilian creature.

Orange spends most of his time in his hideout, occasionally going out to hunt for players if he hasn’t been fed or someone stays for too long in his cave.

The Players are able to feed Orange by touching the food generator lever. When feeding Orange, if the players get too close to Orange, they will start waking up as a warning, If the players still stay inside the lair despite the warning, Orange will start running around without the arrows alert, so if the Players aren’t in their boxes and get detected by Orange, the latter will kill them.

If the Players don’t feed Orange for 2-3 minutes, he will run around the Facility, trying to catch any Players. If it’s the first time Orange runs around, Red will say, “Looks like somebody forgot to feed Orange!”. Orange has a spiky orange trail that shows the path he will take when Orange runs around.

Players can notice when Orange is nearby by listening to his sound indicators, which sound like fast stepping.

In order to avoid Orange, the players must use the boxes and lockers to hide, because if they’re caught in Orange’s detection radius, it will result in an immediate death due to his speed being faster than the players. That’s the case unless he gets distracted by another players and kills them before you. During that time, you can hide inside the box without the exclamation (“!”) sign, an indicator that Orange knows you are there.

  • Every time when you’re near Orange’s cave, its best to hide in a box if someone has not fed him.
  • If you’re passing by the cave, it’s best to go feed him before the 2-3 minutes are up.
  • Orange is currently the smallest monster of the Rainbow Friends, however, Purple’s height is unknown.
  • He will leave his cave in search of food if no one feeds him on Night 3 and 4.
  • Red will not say “Looks like somebody forgot to feed Orange!” if he is running around because somebody overflows the food bowl, and the orange path won’t appear.
  • He is the fastest Rainbow Friend, and it is impossible to outrun him.
  • Once spotted by Orange, the only way to survive is to hide in a box. (This may not always work because Orange is fast, but if Orange targets another player while being chased by them, you’ll have enough time to hide.).
  • Orange so far is the only Rainbow Friend who has their own den/hideout, though the vents could be Purple’s hideout.
  • Orange might be a coelophysis or a velociraptor.
  • Orange will possibly be playable in in the presumable Roleplay Mode.
  • Orange might have Binge eating disorder, due to him repeatedly eating the same food.

Main page: Purple

Purple is the fourth monster the player encounters in Rainbow Friends. He appears alongside Orange starting from Night 3 onwards until the party. Purple is present for half of the entire duration of Chapter 1 in the game. He also appears in the finale, jumpscaring the players if they fall through the holes in the vents.

Not much is known about Purple except that they have large googly eyes and stretchy arms that come outwards when a player is nearby. When a player is caught, it is revealed that they have sharp triangular teeth, which they will then use to kill/eat the player. They could resemble toy Sticky Hands. Additionally, Purple has cartoony eyeballs.

Purple roams in a different style than the others. They will stay in a vent and will maneuver around to other vents to try and capture the player. If you happen to stumble across Purple while they are in a vent, the only way to avoid being found is to step across the area where there are footsteps. *that won’t always happen. Purple can even knock over boxes and kill the player,which is a lot like Blue*If you step in the water near the vent, Purple will grab the Player’s ankles and killed the player. (It is recommended to wait until Purple moves to another vent or step on, behind, or in front of the footprints.) Compared to the others, it is very simple to avoid Purple as long as the player pays attention to where they are stepping. There are six vents scattered around the map. They are located in the lockers before entering the showers, the sub-level near the stable entrance, in the hallway connecting the castle area, farm area, theater and workshop, near the slope that connects to the sub-level, in the hallway leading to the cave room next to the slope, and in the museum-like room under the painting of Oswald D. Davis. On night 5, he will kill you if you fall in the cracks.

  • It is possible to get killed by Purple in the finale of Chapter 1, which can happen when the player falls through the holes at the Goodbye Party vent scene.
  • The full model of Purple has not been revealed yet, though it is possible to see the face model of Purple that kills you in Roblox Studio.
  • People often think Purple is Blue when first seeing them, though Blue has one button eye and does not have thin arms.
  • Purple will move around to different vents from time to time.
  • Purple makes vent-banging noises when moving around the map.
  • Purple is the 2nd fastest Rainbow Friend, the fastest being Orange.
  • There is a signal that tells you to cross the vent in the dry area, being the shoe marks.
  • Purple is the second Rainbow Friend to be able to kill Players in a box, first being Green being that he grabs them with his long arms.
  • Purple most likely resembles an angler-fish, having many large and sharp teeth.
  • As Purple drags you into the vent, you see Purple’s jumpscare, which only features the colors black and white. Some think that the inside of the vent is also black because if you look at the jumpscare, Purple’s face is completely hidden by the shadows with white glowing white teeth and big eyes.
  • Purple’s color is called, “Royal Purple”.

Rainbow Friends

Main page: Red

Red is an antagonist the players encounter in Rainbow Friends. He appears in cutscenes and has the players do tasks for him.

Red is a humanoid red monster with large, wide eyes and a large, round head. They are also seen wearing a lab coat over a business suit, possibly suggesting they are a scientist of some sort. They appear to wear black gloves. From Night 1 to Night 4, they are shown with only a shadow hiding their identity from the player, until the end of the game, where their true appearance is revealed.

  • Red is the only non-attacking and speaking monster, but still it is unsure if it’s a monster due that ripped assets showed and hole under red’s head perhaps being actually a mask.
  • Red could possibly be Trenton.

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