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F is the sixth letter of the alphabet and is the main antagonist of Alphabet Lore. He was used to make the words “friends”, “fart” and “frick”.

As of the epilogue, he is a supporting character. He is also now the holder of the semi-colon “;” gem.

As a child, F was happy and content with the other letters, with N being his best friend. One day, f was having fun with his other friends r, i, e, n, d, and s until L and O came and pulled a prank on n by shooting o into his face, knocking him down on the ground. Angered by this, f took revenge for n by using the letters A, R, and T to create the word “fart”, which embarrassed l by making it look like he farted. F and N, along with all the other letters, laughed at l and made fun of him. Plotting revenge, l and o put f together with r, i, c and k to make the word “frick”. Disgusted, all the letters bludgeoned f in numerous ways, making him cry Gems. L and O decided to pull their last prank and have n betray F and force N to join their side with everyone against him. F ran away to his cave and watched upon the lives of every other letter until he was an adult.

Sometime before his attack, F became an adult

First appearing in the episode “D”, he began to take revenge and attack the other letters, leading to a mission to stop F from torturing the letters. F managed to kill the letters C, H, J, and X (also responsible for P’s death as she was used as a decoy of him). He also managed to kidnap D, E, I, R, and S, and along with him and N, they made the word “FRIENDS”. At his final battle with N, he got killed by getting blasted through the chest by a laser made by N, making a hole in his chest and cave, killing him, rendering him to be dead. In Now I Know My ABCs, the remaining letters sadden as they realize that F wasn’t evil. He also appears to have lost his pupils.

In the epilogue, after Z reverses time, L and O’s plan to force N to their side failed, surprised that N instead chose to defend F this time. F and N both get beaten up by L and O once more, but do not care as they are happy to see each other. They run to their cave together and as they reach the mouth of the cave, they embrace each other and smile at the camera. It is very likely that F no longer has thirst for revenge because he remained best friends with N. So, it is very likely he will remain alive in the future.

As a child, F was a nice, cute, happy content letter who got along with many of the other letters. His appearance as a child represented a lowercase F, with straight teeth and a smile, when he frowns, he looks like a Normal Lowercase F.

As an adult, F became ruthless and wanted revenge for what the other letters did to him in the past. His appearance became a capital letter, and his teeth were broken towards shards. His smile disappeared and was sneaky with deception similar to a snake.

In the new timeline, F retains his personality because N stood for up him. He still has a similar appearance but has broken teeth and minor bruises.

As seen throughout the series, he was trying to form the word “FRIENDS”. He did that pretty easily with the only letters that actually were stopping him being P, L, G, M, C and N in the end. In the episode “Y” he managed to capture almost all the letters and was missing only one – N when he was arriving to him he removed all the threats (A, G, U and M) but he abandoned all the gems except the * gem and N collected them he didn’t attack N thinking it would realize what he is trying to do, but N used the power of his gems killing him.

When N realized what he had done wrong, Z used his ellipses gem to reverse time and Q gave his gem to N to ensure he remembers what happened in the present time. This time, N stands up for F, in where the letter smiles gratefully for not turning against him like the rest of the letters. They both glare excitedly at each other as they get kicked by L and O. F cries the semi-colon “;” gem, which merges with N’s “?” gem, forming the ampersand “&” gem. They both run to the cave together, and as they reach the mouth of the cave, they embrace each other and smile at the camera.

  • F is the only letter that is the color black.
  • F and Z are the only character to appear out of order of the alphabet, as he appears in “D”, where he came in before E and started attacking D.
  • F is the 2nd fastest letter only being beaten by P when she is using the “!” gem (but we’re not sure if that counts).
  • H was the only one he killed on accident. When they were an adult, they were killed by F on purpose.
  • He is the only letter that has spiky teeth, as j shot his cannonball at F’s teeth.
  • He is the third villain on this show, with the other two being O and L.
  • He has a jittery animation style, using line boiling, and looks more crudely drawn at random times.
  • Mike Salcedo at first was going to make F spell the F-word, but then switched it to “FRIENDS” to make it less obvious.

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